Can Creating Climate Awareness lead us to the next APJ Abdul Kalam?

From Ep35 The Climapreneur Show- In Conversation with Harshvardhan Joshi

When we were organizing a solar camp at three villages which we electrified through Project Chirag and there one of the guys from IIT came and distributed 100 solar cookers, very simple solar cookers to six seven year old kids.

We explained to them the science behind it for three four hours and we made them cook on it. So it was not about them making it, making the use of it and using it for years but the goal was that even if one of those kids is inquisitive and tomorrow might become APJ Abdul Kalam and might make something much more efficient.

It’s all about creating awareness and igniting that green muscle which you spoke about, Igniting that curiosity, that feeling, bringing that awareness. 

So I think awareness is the biggest cause or biggest way to support any cause because rather than just one person doing it trying to create impact, now like I have an audience of 200 000 people and millions of people read about my journey, so I tell them that I did nothing but I just like to champion the course and it atleast starts the discussions because of which the industry would grow and a lot of things would improve hopefully in the near future. 

#35 They smile, even with those limited resources, when they are not sure about the next meal.
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