How can Climate Startups win the Distribution?

From Ep33 The Climapreneur Show- In Conversation with Aditya Ruia, Co-founder Beco

I think it’s mainly motivation. The bigger companies with established distribution channels have also built their distribution over years. So any new company or even a startup cannot think that they can do that overnight. I think a lot of hard work and patience is required. 

But the primary point of action is motivation. You need to be motivated that the problem that you’re solving is big enough, you’re really trying to solve it, you are motivating a lot of customers and educating them to buy such products. If that motivation is within you, within your team, within your sales team, your distribution team, supply chain team, across the board, then I think, whether it’s a Nukkadwala store or whatever store in your city, or whether it’s in a village, it does not matter. 

If there is a customer who has a demand for it, and you have the hard work, the patience and the perseverance to go through the entire channel to deliver to the customer, then I think the access point can be generated anywhere. 

So if there is a demand, and you have the will and the capacity to service those demands. Then, I don’t think that really any of this is a challenge. 

The problem comes where you’re trying to push a product or a service, which does not create enough value for the customer and there is not a need for it. 

Then that’s where the question comes, how do you win the distribution?

But you have to realize that the big companies have built that already. So it’s obviously difficult, and it’s going to get increasingly difficult for startups to do that. However, if startups are building and delivering value, and they are in the game for the long run, and willing to take those risks, take those steps, then I’m sure that all of this can be achieved in a very short period of time.

#33 So didn’t get the opportunity to even pitch the product , pitch the brand and you go again, you do this again.
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