If prices of fashion garments increased proportionally to real estate, it would have been the same price that you are paying for sustainable fashion.

From Ep11 The Climapreneur Show- In Conversation with Vino Supraja

Sustainable fashion is unfortunately luxury. You know, why? See the inflation. 

The money part, the economy part of the world. The price of everything has increased with real estate, automobiles or anything, the price of everything has increased. But if you see in fashion, if the prices have increased proportionally to the other things around, you? No!

If the prices of all the fashion garments that we buy had increased proportionally to real estate or to everything around us, it would have been the same price that you’re paying for sustainable fashion.

Because the garment industry has been crushing the workers for us to get those garments on sale or at a cheaper price. The garments are all now available and affordable. 

Sustainable fashion looks like it’s a luxury, but it is the actual true cost that you are supposed to pay for the garment.

It is not luxury, it is the genuine price that that garment demands.

We get garments for cheaper prices because people are not paying the garment workers enough. That’s the reason.

So every time if you think or anybody thinks that sustainable fashion is a luxury, no, that is the true cost of all the garment that you’re buying. You have been paying less and there is a garment worker sitting behind your sewing machine crying and working there for you to pay less.

#11″Sustainable Fashion is not like one single agenda, it’s more to do with your mindset change and I think it’s more like a spiritual change”.
By Climapreneur

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