#45 If you’re going to create another data point and say you’re changing the world, it’s an escape mechanism.

#45 If you're going to create another data point and say you're changing the world, it's an escape mechanism.

I think you have to change the composition of the atmosphere. You can’t do that with words, you can only do it by actually changing the composition of the atmosphere. And you’re going to use scientific principles and implement hardware and chemistry and biology at scale to make it happen. Data doesn’t solve problems, data points to problems, hardware solves problems. Without hardware, without science, and without implementation of biology at scale, climate change is not going to be solved. You can put out as many satellites as you want, and you can build as many API’s on climate as you want. But they’re not the solution. They’re pointers to the problem, and maybe even detailed pointers, but at some point, you have to take those pointers and solve them, solve it physically and implement hardware.

Angad Daryani | Founder&CEO Praan

Angad Daryani, a deep tech entrepreneur, someone who builds things to reverse climate change. He left school to spend 6 hours a day learning math, science, and language with a tutor. He has built India’s first 3D printer (and possibly the world’s cheapest 3D printer).  In 2013, he developed an “eye-pad” for the blind with MIT.  When he was younger, he set up a miniature solar-powered boat and created an automatic watering system for garden plants. He clearly is a problem solver and an impact driven person. One of the finest brains of the world who is now building Praan, Praan for cleaner air, Praan for making the future exciting with clean air. But wait, how is he executing it? Is he a super-human? What are his hidden powers? Let’s discover . An episode no entrepreneur should miss or want to miss. Stay tuned till the last and I promise its going the most immersive, mentally empowering and stimulating 40 min of your day,

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