#22 This is not just a matter of gender, this is a matter of diversity.

#22 This is not just a matter of gender, this is a matter of diversity.

“Reach out to your girlfriends, to your sisters, to the sisterhood, because I could not have done this alone. It’s radical collaboration. It is people getting together about something that they believe in, and working from different angles”

Antoinette Vermilye | Co-founder Gallifrey Foundation | She Changes Climate

In 2020, SHEChangesClimate was founded by Antoinette Vermilye, Bianca Pitt and Elise Buckle, with the aim to bring diversity and inclusiveness, transparency and accountability to the COP negotiations on Climate Change. They are currently on getting COP26 to achieve a 50:50 split of men and women in all their diversity in its top-level leadership team in the UK, but their global mission is to ensure ALL delegations have at least a 50% representation of diverse women at their top levels.


Gallifrey Foundation : https://gallifrey.foundation
She Changes Climate : https://www.shechangesclimate.org

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