#10 I think everybody can be their own hero in their own stories.

#10 I think everybody can be their own hero in their own stories.

“So, I remember those initial posts, where I would be like its holiday but please do try to remember that the landfill is getting filled and the earth is our mother. Post like that, asking people for their time. And I am very glad, that I have come to a point, telling people okay, you have done your bit, take care of your family also, it’s amazing because what the buddies started doing was, their children were studying, so they want to accompany them, they will do some cutting, sorting, stitching. One of the things which I always met with and was surprised, Paper, plastic, glass all these are counted very high when people are talking about recycling, scrap is not discussed much. Even if you are aware of it, you don’t know what to do with it. Another major challenge, people said why aren’t we selling it? I decided, in the beginning, we are not going to sell anything. We don’t want any money from anybody. We want your time and efforts. There is an ethical point also, the tailor is giving me some scrap, which belongs to someone else, how can I sell it. “

Dr. Shambavi Rajagopal, Founder Save Scrap and Sew

Save Scrap and Sew

Website- http://www.savescrapnsew.com/

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