#20 We all need to work as one team.

#20 We all need to work as one team.

I think we just move ahead by lifting each other, helping each other. And, yes, so not be focused just on your own journey and your own success, but also building success for others, because it will actually carry you further as a collective effort. Always focus on the positive things that are happening in the world on the positive people and that’s what will give you energy to continue.

Elise Buckle is the Director of Climate & Sustainability; Municipale/ Deputy Mayor in charge of Energy & HR for the city of Nyon, Switzerland. She has been working in the field of sustainable development and climate policy for 20 years.  She coordinated the IUCN Global Programme with Africa and Asia providing capacity-building in programme development, monitoring and fundraising.She also advised cities on agenda 21 plans and gained experience from large multinational companies specialized in the energy sector (Total, Gaz de France) for Ernst&Young. She lead the successful REACH+ campaign for environment and health for the Green Members at European Parliament. She worked for WWF France as Climate and Energy Manager and then led the G20 campaign for WWF International during the French Presidency. In 2012, she joined UNI Global Union, an international network of 900 members representing 20 million employees, focusing on sustainable finance. She lead several CSR campaigns and managed to get Société Générale to sign a global agreement on human rights.
In 2016, she worked for the UNDP Climate Vulnerable Forum team focusing on climate and labour and for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as climate policy manager. More recently she has been advising Dr. David Nabarro and the Nature-Based Solutions coalition for the UN Summit, COP23 Presidency Chief Negotiator Ambassador Khan and worked for CAN International as Special Projects Director leading three large initiatives (the CVF Summit, the Step Up Campaign and ShiftSEA).

Elise Buckle

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