#28 I was very alone in what I was going to pursue.

#28 I was very alone in what I was going to pursue.

And so I think when you look to come into the space, if it overwhelms you when you think, but I don’t have an idea for a solution, we don’t just need the solution providers, we need the solution amplifies the solution funders. And the solution enhancers, because that’s how this is going to drive us to where we need to go, we’re going to reach a point where there can’t be any more new business models to consider, we really need to start collaborating and supporting those that exist, and that we know can drive the change. It’s getting quite saturated. And so with that, we need to see who has got what going on, how it can be used even cross-sector, are there solutions in food that can be applied to the fashion sector to eliminate waste,help with chemical toxins? What can we do there? What does that look like?

Kerry Bannigan | Fashion Impact Fund, Conscious Fashion Campaign, SDG Media Zone | The Climapreneur Show with Shweta Dalmia

Kerry Bannigan is a social entrepreneur, advocate and advisor pioneering global fashion and media initiatives to accelerate transformative action for social, economic and environmental change. Founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, engaging leading global industry events, initiatives and activations to facilitate collective action towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. President of the Board and Executive Committee Member of the PVBLIC Foundation, an innovative 501c3 organisation that harnesses the power of media, data, and technology to drive social change, steering the United Nations convening including the SDG Media Summit, Blockchain for Impact and the Latino Impact Summit. She is a founding member of the SDG Media Zone in partnership with the United Nations Department of Global Communications and the PVBLIC Foundation. Since 2016, the SDG Media Zone has been one of the main features of the United Nations General Assembly high-level week, bringing together UN Member States, advocates, world leaders and media to highlight solutions in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Bannigan has co-produced 18 SDG Media Zones across USA, Italy, Morocco, Germany, Portugal, France and Spain including at COP22, COP23 and G7 Environment under the auspices of the Italian G7 Presidency. (Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerrybannigan/ )

Fashion Impact Fund: https://www.instagram.com/fashionimpactfund/
Conscious Fashion Campaign: https://www.instagram.com/consciousfashioncampaign/
SDG Media Zone: https://www.instagram.com/sdgmediazone/

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