#34 Any new technology has to transform the lives of people.

#34 Any new technology has to transform the lives of people.

So we have to work on democratising this zero carbon emissions, it’s not that I need to buy a 300 kilometre car. Mahesh, the country has to make Mahesh step into shared mobility bus and take a last mile mobility to office and so on so forth. When that happens in India, I think our task of achieving democratising zero carbon mobility in India has happened.

Mahesh Babu | CEO Switch Mobility India | COO Switch Mobility

Mr. Babu has over 25 years of experience in mobility and is the CEO of Switch Mobility India. He was Managing Director and CEO of Mahindra Electric where. Under his leadership, Mahindra Electric launched six new electric vehicles including 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler commercial vehicles, as well as the innovative software platform NEMO. One of the most prestigious projects under his leadership was India’s first monocoque SUV, the XUV500. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in shaping future mobility policy in India by delivering electric TCO solutions through groundbreaking initiatives in passenger vehicles, commercial fleets, and last mile mobility. He actively contributed to various EV committees of both central and state governments, CII and FICCI.

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