#29 I think the second big challenge was to accept that this is possible.

#29 I think the second big challenge was to accept that this is possible.

It’s actually the farmer who can lead climate change, and he can be the climate warrior instead of being the victim of climate change and that’s where I think the conversation should kind of head towards and realise why and how the farmer can play a huge role in building this journey towards sustainability in contributing in a quick change. When I think about it, I think sustainability can be far quicker to achieve if we have farmers on board.

Meenakshi Kishore | Founder of Advait Living Farms

Meenakshi Kishore is a practitioner and founder of Advait Living Farms, a 35+ acre regenerative farm that is building a new perspective on how nutrient-rich & carbon-rich restored soil can be the key to boosting yields and securing farmer incomes in the face of climate change. Her farming and hands-on experience of 5 years makes her a powerhouse of knowledge. In her previous corporate life, she worked at HSBC, DCM Sriram, and Intellecap where she supported For-Profit social-good businesses globally. Her passion for positive climate change and restoring the balance is the foundation for her regenerative farming efforts. She is an avid speaker as well and is hoping to build a network of regenerative farmers across the globe.

Advait Living : https://www.instagram.com/advait_living_farms/

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