#21 Purpose for me is to live life with intent.

#21 Purpose for me is to live life with intent.

Create those little small milestones for yourself that okay, Just this week, I will talk to two suppliers. Just this week, I will try and make a bottle design. Just this week, I will maybe just learn a little bit about e commerce and I think, focus on the short term goals. And just take those baby steps and one foot in front of the other, you start making progress.

Restore is a unique marketplace. What we do is, is a marketplace that reuses packaging, and so customers can order online from our store. And we have several different brands we work with. Right now we have like haircare, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash, cleaning agents, laundry detergents. All of that comes to you in reusable packaging, you use the product as the inside. And once you’re done with the product, we come back, we pick up the container, we clean it, we sanitise it, and we put it back into circulation. So it doesn’t generate any waste at all.

Prateek Gupte | Founder Restore


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