#30 Everyday is awful and Everyday is amazing.

#30 Everyday is awful and Everyday is amazing.

But I’ll be honest, at that moment, it feels awful. Like, you feel like you’re at rock bottom, you feel like Oh, my God, I’m going to shut down. What do I do? Like, how do I solve this? Oh, God, everything is crashing, and you just have to get through that crash. There’s no way to not feel that crash. There are days where you get zero sales. And then the next day, you’ll get so many that you’re like I’m out of stock.

Shaan Lalwani | Founder Coco Custo

Coco Custo was founded on the principle that we could make sustainable household cleaning products that work. Their products are scientifically formulated from non-toxic, 100% biodegradable ingredients and their  bases are made from certified organic oils.

Coco Custo : https://www.instagram.com/coco.custo/

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