#09 How sustainable living can help underprivileged children?

#09 How sustainable living can help underprivileged children?

Shreya is an upcoming climapreneur, all set to make her way into the world of sustainable fashion.  She is with us to talk about her Galgota campaign. Shreya is the founder of organic swathes.

“The world I visualize is green, organic, ethical, clean. From art to fashion and design, sustainability is my guideline. Nature – it’s bountiful…so why look elsewhere, really? When I look at my brand, natural is all I want it to be.  Onion peels, cinnamon spice all things from the earth are nice, And that’s how I make my dyes. So our planet doesn’t pay the price for how we decide to live our lives. Upcycle, recycle, reuse… Gentle fashion is what I choose.  So yes, that’s how Organic Swathes came about: Conscious, planet-loving fashion throughout.  That’s how it will always be.  Organic Swathes –Fashion against cruelty and always, always, always for sustainability.” Shreya Jain

Organic Swathes

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/organicswathes/?hl=en

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