Sustainable Agriculture- A Huge Opportunity

From Ep38 The Climapreneur Show- In Conversation with Daniel Hartz, Founder Sustainability Champions

“First of all, people need to eat. So agriculture will always be a part of our lives. Sustainable agriculture, I think, is a major player in moving towards a sustainable future.”

There’s a few interesting things that are happening in agriculture. 

Number one is the movement towards more Regenerative Style Farming. That’s where you really work with nature to farm. I think it’s brilliant because you see the biodiversity going up on farms, the soil starts to heal. There’s so much good that comes from it. And it turns out that even if you introduce, and I know this is a point of contention but what I’m seeing is that even if you introduce farm animals, like cows or sheep to the farm, it actually encourages growth, and it can sequester more carbon than those animals emit. So that’s one interesting area of regenerative farming. And I think they’re also substantially more productive. So one acre of land on a regenerative farm makes much more food and different types of food than one acre of conventional farming. I think that’s a really important way to continue feeding an ever growing population on the planet. 

Number two, there are other interesting things like indoor farming. Vertical farming, where you’re actually building inside a large warehouse, for instance, and you build farms, they’re basically greenhouses, but they’re much more, technologically advanced, and you can grow food, right in the middle of the city, you can pick it an hour or two before it goes to the restaurant. And so the reason why that’s so sustainable is because especially if you’re using renewable energy to power it, there’s no travel and the food is extremely fresh. And it’s growing in ways that are basically ideal for the plant’s growth.

A third really interesting technological advance that’s being really moving quickly, right now is Cell Based Meat. So this is real meat. It’s not any sort of fake or vegetable based proteins, it’s real meat taken from the cells of animals, there’s multiple ways to do it. But you basically grow meat in a culture, in a lab, and then you collect it, and you can make a real meat hamburger. And it doesn’t require the animal. 

So I think these are huge opportunities, all three of them. There are a lot of other areas for growth. But I think the agriculture sector produces so much carbon emissions, that it also produces a lot of pollution from fertilizers and other inputs that if we’re able to really move into a sustainable agricultural future, I think it’ll solve so many issues on its own. 

I think it’s really one of the most important ways that we can live in harmony with nature.

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#38 I am willing to push beyond what I think is possible for me.
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