Why everyone should Volunteer in a Cleanliness Drive at-least once in a lifetime?

From Ep35 The Climapreneur Show- In Conversation with Harshvardhan Joshi

I will try to explain it with an example, so for example-

If you volunteer for a plogging drive like a beach cleanliness drive or a mountain trail trash cleanliness drive you will have to bend down maybe 3000 times or at least a few hundred times in an hour to pick trash.

And just once if you do that no matter what demographic you come from, which part of the society, you will never throw trash again. So that feeling of awareness and enlightenment comes from volunteering. 

Similarly if you volunteer with any non-profit. There are at least a thousand of them doing very good work in the remote areas of India. If you volunteer with them for any cause, especially around the environment, you would see how privileged you are, no matter how difficult your life seems right now, how bad the situation feels that, Oh My god! things are not working out!

But when you see those villagers, those people in the slums or the tribal areas and you see them where they smile even with those limited resources, when they are not sure about the next meal. You would realize how privileged you are and you will feel like giving back to society much more, creating much more impact and that feeling of gratefulness brings a different kind of happiness.

So for personal happiness also one can volunteer but even otherwise one would become a much more responsible youth.  So, I think that is why you should volunteer for NGOs, for non-profits for causes and for fun. You get to travel, you get to learn, culture and it looks good on your profile, your resume. So if you’re ever planning to take up a job or stand in elections or go for masters or scholarships or anything, all these experiences count a lot. 

#35 They smile, even with those limited resources, when they are not sure about the next meal.
By Climapreneur

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